RIO Scharnier und Griff

RIO is as versatile in its usage as in its definition as a
handle / joint / hinge. Designed to give flow to a static object, it increases
flexibility and usability.
Next to defining the object, visually, RIO functions as handle and hinge.

Video by Jonathan Mauloubier

The hinge is made out of silicone rubber and can be placed 
on the corner or in the middle of a cupboard to open its doors. 
Moreover, the extrusion profile is available 
in all possible lengths and colors.

RIO was shown during the Milan Design Week ’19 as part of the group exhibition fittings & joints / Angewandte Vienna at Zona Tortona 

Nina Melbinegr_RIO4_Photo by Paul Schütz
Nina Melbinegr_RIO5_Photo by Paul Schütz

Photos by Paul Schütz